Affiliate Marketing is it dead, long live Affiliate Marketing
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Zoning in on affiliate marketing – is it a waste of time

The truth about Affiliate Marketing

Gone are the days when it was a copy and paste environment, there even used to be plugins for WordPress that just built Amazon sites in seconds, with not one original piece of content. A few days later an income was rolling in, happy days!!

Now like most you are probably totally dependent on search engines and mainly Google. You might be lucky and have a mailing list of thousands where you can sell directly to, I doubt it though.

So lets zone in on what exactly Google are striving for, how will you end up on page one on search results.

Lets take a product range that i understand really well, wireless equipment more to the point Ubiquiti wireless equipment. I can see they are sold on Amazon, how do i sell these as an affiliate marketer?

I know that i have to bring something unique to the party, i then question who is actually buying this stuff on Amazon? Installation engineers? Home users?

Here lies my first problem, Installation engineers are not going to purchase on Amazon, they will have their own trase suppliers and home users, well home users are they really buying this product. Straight away i can eliminate a product i know a great deal about by just knowing the market place isnt there.

Here then is the scenario for the affiliate marketer, find something you either have a huge interest in and can offer something that is unique or offer insights into your knowledge first.

Lets say you have a passion for Solar Panels and you know more than most about the subject. Your website will have interesting facts around Solar panels, interesting videos that you have found with what people do with Solar Panels, then you finally introduce the affiliate products towards the end. Try and get communication on your site and get feedback.

Ultimately i know if i search for a 80 watt solar panel i know that Amazon will be up there, so give search engines a reason to display your website as well.

Youtube affiliate links

Don’t bother the truth is people just dont click the links on Youtube, a better way to do it is to drive people to your website  from a video that maybe just an intro to the subject, followed by for further info go to our website etc.

Affiliate marketing isn’t dead, just dam hard and so it should be, there used to be so much rubbish out there. Hence i receive about 20 emails a day from affiliates desperate to sell as they cant do it on a website any more.

Just be original, unique, informative and you will make it in the end.



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