Wordpress Https ssl Login for free, No 404
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WordPress Https ssl Login for free

Creating a secure login for WordPress can be a bit of a hassle, you will find most articles telling you that you will need a purchased ssl certificate for it to work.

Maybe like me you only want it to be a secure login for yourself and maybe a couple of other authors for your blog.

Sure if anyone using windows is logging in then potentially they maybe exposing your wordpress standard login with a possible virus on their computer.

To setup WordPress with a secure login, simply start off by adding to your wp-config.php file this line line of code.

define(‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true);

Best to put nearer the bottom of your file, now if you try to login, you will get a 404 page not found error when you go to the admin login.

This is where you can use a self signed ssl certificate even on shared hosting.

Go to this this link to create a self signed certificate

Download the .key file and the .cert file

Open each file with notepad and then paste the content of each file into the relevant section of adding an ssl certificate in cpanel, you now have aself signed certificate.

Now try and login to your website, you will see the 404 error has gone and you now have a new warning saying this connection is not private or something to that effect depending on which browser you are using. Agree to proceed and you will now get your login over a secure https connection.

This connection is now at least encrypted and if not being used for eccommerce etc, it will do fine just for you.

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