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Woocommerce your faq’s answered

In this post i am going to attempt to answer some of the main questions that are being asked for woocommerce, the well known e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

Do i need ssl for woocommerce?

Not strictly no, it depends on your payment gateway setup, for beginners most use paypal standard, the actual payment is sent on paypal’s secure servers not your website. If you plan to take payments on your on website using any service then SSL is a must.

Using SSL certificates on your website i think gives the customer the show of security that they may need especially when they may never of seen your website before.

How many items or products can woocommerce handle?

I have seen forums where website owners have thousands of products, i think the question here is how good is your hosting?
A poor hosting service will mean a poor woocommerce experience, if your shop is doing well, have a look at going with either a virtual server or dedicated server.

How many orders can woocommerce handle?

The newest version of woocommerce can handle thousands of transactions at a time, again depending on your hosting.

How much is the woocommerce plugin?

The actual woocommerce plugin is free, ok so how do they make their money then? Their business model is to make extensions or other plugins that enhance what the basic woocommerce plugin achieves. Many of these extensions will be a yearly cost to you, to receive updates on a continual basis.

How to install woocommerce?

Hopefully this one will be an easy one for you. Option 1 visit the plugins menu in the WordPress dashboard and add new then search for woocommerce and install, also running the updater to. Option 2 is to use an ftp and upload to your site, option1 is easier.

How to use woocommerce plugin in WordPress?

This is where it is advisable to join forums and watch tutorials, picking up tips on how to configure woocommerce correctly for your shop.

What is sku in woocommerce?

A sku simply put is a reference of indexing code for your reference, this can help with stock control as your store hopefully grows larger.

What is the best woocommerce theme?

There are so many themes for WordPress that support woocommerce, this is a tricky question to answer, Personally, having setup several websites with woocommerce there are some things i would advise to look for.

How old is the theme?
Has it been around for a wile and still supported by the makers of the theme.
Does it use a child theme?
A child theme can be handy although it can be a pain to, the idea of a child theme is when you update the main theme your files that are saved in the child theme are not affected, of course child theme files can also become out of date so if you end up customising these files you will eventually have to update them as well.
Has the theme been made with woocommerce in mind?
Some themes i feel haven’t been made with woocommerce in mind and therefore you run into problems and end up having to make heavy customisations when you shouldn’t have to.

What is a variable product in woocommerce?

Variable products allow the customer to select different options for a single product, e.g. A T-Shirt may have differrent colours and sizes that the customer can select, using variable products makes it quicker and easier for the customer to choose what they want.

Where is functions php woocommerce?

You should find the functions.php file on your WordPress theme if it is a woocommerce friendly theme. You can add your own functions there, i personally like to make plugins where possible instead of adding to functions.php just in case the file is overwritten on an upgrade, if you use a child theme this wont happen as functions.php is stored there.

Where is the cart page in woocommerce?

Cart pages and checkout pages should be located in your theme and are customisable. Again if your theme has a child theme store them there so they are protected against theme updates.

Where is the shop page in woocommerce?

The shop pages is one of the default pages created upon woocommerce being installed. you can configure how the page looks from both woocommerce settings and theme layout of the page.

Where is woocommerce css?

Woocommerce has its own css file in the the theme, most modern woo themes have a simple area to add css in the dashboard, remember though if you add extensions, the extensions themselves may have their own css files.

Where is woocommerce thank you page?

Again the thank you page should be located in your theme files.

Who is using woocommerce?

Woocommerce is a great platform for those starting a business and online presence form the comfort of their own home scaling up SME’s, i dont think we will see Amazon using it just yet, but you never know.

Why woocommerce is better than magento?

Look at the question above, Magento started out as a free e-commerce solution, but there are signs that the free support once offered is becoming less and less, as Magento want you to sign up to its enterprise platform for paid support. Magento is also a very large installation and does not run very well on cheaper hosting platforms, i have visited many magento sites that are very slow, sluggish. A good magento programmer will charge much more than a WordPress programmer so well worth baring that in mind.

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