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A Woocommerce Demo Store

A Woocommerce Demo Store

You have created the best product in the world but you have no way of selling it!!

Enter woocommerce a WordPress E-commerce plugin that enables online shopping for your products.

Prepare to spend a long time learning how to use woocommerce, they have plenty of support from forums and woocommerce themselves.

In this demo video i show you a plugin that will actually turn your store into a mail order product rather than using a payment gateway such as Paypal.

You will also see there are plenty of settings in woocommerce, the most difficult i have to setup is the shipping settings.

Woocommerce also offers the ability to sell downloadable products such as music or documents.

I have setup a demo store menu which i will embed into this page along with a demo product courtesy of my friends website http://www.purlenglish.com which offers a range of cashmere baby clothing.

To embed the product in this page i am going to use a woocommerce shortcode product sku=”001″ which is the sku number i gave the product in the demo video.
[product sku=”001″]

Here are the pages that are will be for your customers in your woocommerce menu

This is just a basic introduction to woocommerce an ideal way to get into the world of E-commerce and creating your 1st online shop.

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