WP Clone transfer migration WordPress to new host
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Using WP Clone to move WordPress to a new host

Using WP Clone to move WordPress to a new host can be made very easy, you may either be just wanting to move your existing WordPress site from an older server hosted by a provider to anew hosting provider, maybe moving a development WordPress domain to a live domain or simply updating an old WordPress domain to a new domain.

I use WP Clone and it makes my life easy time and time again.

They key to moving your WordPress install from a server/host located on one ip address to a new server/host on another ip address is to simply edit your etc/hosts file on your own computer.

The hosts file dictates on your own computer where your domain is pointing.

To edit hosts file in mac and linux is the same and to edit in windows just Google how to edit etc hosts.

The format of the two lines you must enter goes like this

IP Address of new server mydomain.com

xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx mydomain.com
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx www.mydomain.com

So you can now build your new fresh WordPress install on your new host/server all you need to do is install WP Clone on this new install.

Before you edit your etc/hosts file login into your old server where www.mydomain.com is hosted and install WP Clone there and run click the backup button, when its finished copy the url, thats it you are finished there.

Edit etc/hosts insert ip address and www.mydomain etc.. Now login to your new server and WordPress install, which at this point is brand new, head over to the WP Clone option in the dashboard and click restore URL, just paste the copied url in the url field and click the restore from url button.

What should happen here is that the new server host will see your old server host dns to locate the backup file and it will restore, remember all that has happened here is that your computer is the only device saying that your domain is on this new ip address and host.

Once restore is successful you can then go to your registrar and update either the nameserver or the @ A record to the new settings needed for new host and server.

If you are wanting to migrate and transfer WordPress with a development domain to a live domain or simply you are looking to update a domain you no longer want to use, you do not need to use etc/hosts as the ip address, host and server dns records will already be correct.

Pl ease watch the video tutorial to help understand, it sound complicated but is actually really easy once you get your head round it.

I also should add that WP Clone is a really good tool for backing up WordPress, i use it for legacy backups month to month and i use WPB2D for daily backups.

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