Using cache plugins to speed up wordpress
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Using cache plugins to speed up wordpress

Speeding up page load Time with wordpress cache plugins

A very important factor of your wordpress website will be how quickly the pages or post open to the website visitor.

Slow website speed will often deter a visitor from staying on your website for very long.

Not only is it important to the website visitor but it also vitally important to Google, it is one of the factors that helps rank your website higher than others.

Now if you have information on your page that is unique to the world, folks wont mind hanging around for the page to open, if your content is very similar to others and your page is slower than the other websites content, visitors will exit very quickly and leave your website, most likely never to come back.

What is caching?

Think of it as a compressed file of all the components of your web page served up as almost a photo-shot of it. You can actually view these html files and download them from your wp-content/cache folder.

Proceed with caution when you install a caching plugin always checking your website still loads correctly, especially when using https ssl certificates, keep checking that there are no errors in the certificate.

In this tutorial i am using the plugin W3 total cache and after installing i have noticed page load speed increase, so for me for the time being i will continue to use this plugin.

There are other plugins that can be used if one does not work for you Google is your friend.

Factors that can slow down your website speed.

A slow server will not be friendly towards your website for fast page load, until you are making lots of money you may have to use a cache plugin to speed up your website.

Also large pictures and lots of scripts running will slow it down, a caching plugin can help here to.

Please remember to to check all aspects of the website after enabling the caching plugin especially if you are using a mobile friendly template.

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