SEO Faqs Answered, Important Information for SEO!!
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SEO Faqs Answered

Here is my view on some of the most frequently asked questions regarding SEO for your website and business.

Do blogs help seo?

Simple answer is yes, just imagine you have written the most interesting article that has ever been written about your favourite topic, you may be providing unique information that no other website is able to provide, well that is going to drive people to your blog and website.

Do google reviews help seo?

Yes, reviews provide trust to your business or product, when you are a small business it may be the difference between your product or business being selected vs a larger organisation.

Do i need seo?

Well what is SEO, the answer is not the same as it was years ago, the methods are different, yes give your page a SEO title and description, more importantly its all about the content or the product. Good content or products equals good reviews, other webmasters linking to you and lots of social shares.

Do nofollow links help seo?

Yes, not directly of course, If all you want to do is rank on page one of Google then your website is going to take a long time to take off, imagine having 100 links on write ups on Wikipedia , thats going to drive so much great traffic to you. It’s not all about being page one of Google you know.

Do outbound links help seo?

If they are relevant yes of course, if that link adds value to your content in such a way you have intrigued the reader so much that they then start to trust and like what you are writing then do it.

Do tags help seo?

Personally i am not a believer of tags, again if you think it adds value then use them. In WordPress they will actually create archives and become quite messy creating duplicate content. The old Meta Tags are not used by search engines any more.

How can i do seo?

See this answer

How can i do seo on my own?

That is simple, yes of course follow basic guides to basic SEO tutorials for a website, be careful not to follow these guides to much as you must stay on track with the 2 basic things if you can, make your website look good and great content for folks to read and follow. Great content means you do not need to worry about SEO.

How much for SEO optimization or to hire a SEO Company?

Approach hiring a so called SEO expert or company with great care. If you have no interesting content or your products that you are selling have no USP, then any SEO that takes place is likely to be a waste of time, only having a shore term life span, even worse you could find that they over cook what they do and Google will punish your website for artificial behaviour . Be prepared for a good SEO expert to start mentioning terms like marketing, advertising, design and other long term interests that will help you.

It will also normally take a couple of months fo a company to build a knowledge of your existing setup, if you have not registered your website with any Analytics software and the Google Search Console these need to populate to aid future decisions.

How much is an SEO consultant or audit?

This is really down to how much you have to spend and how much you believe external help will bring to your business, of course an expert marketer will bring new ideas and new focus to the business.

SEO is no longer the simple term it used to be, Search Engines are more clever than ever and all they are craving is great content for their users to find what they are looking for. Provide that great content and you will never look back again.



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