Restoring Wordpress Manually - How to Blog
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Restoring WordPress Manually

Restoring WordPress Manually using Filezilla (FTP) and PhpMyadmin

What I am showing in this video is how to restore WordPress manually, we began the backup of WordPress using the WordPress to dropbox backup plugin, this has created a folder in dropbox called wpb2d, inside here should be your blog folder with all files and folders plus the mysql database

The Mysql database is located in the folder /wp-content/backup.

You will need to login to your cpanel and open phpmyadmin you can simply drop anything in there if there is a problem with the database or if there you doubt it is a database problem leave this alone.
To import the backed up database simply select import and select the .sql file from your backup and click go. If you get errors importing select all tables and drop them and reimport your backup again.

To upload your files and folder you need a ftp client, I am using filezilla which is free
to connect via ftp, you will need your ftp username and password, and the hostname, these details should all be provided in cpanel and should have been sent to you via email when you creating your hosted account.

Simply drag and drop all files and folders from your computer directory to the ftp directory.

This will restore your wordpress install to the point where you last backed up.

Knowing howe to backup and restore WordPress is vital, as not only does it means you can go back a day or two if you have broken your wordpress install, it will leave you safe in the knowledge that if your hosting service goes bankrupt you can move your backup to another provider.

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