Review your own site to enhance its performance
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A recap of what we have done so far

A recap of what we have done so far

I spent an hour or two just setting up the design and the layout of the blog in general, a couple of things were just annoying me in particular i did not have a section for showing excerpt in the blog page in my WordPress theme.

So the only way i could show just an excerpt of the post in the blog page was to go to the WordPress reading settings and tick summary and then in each post i would have to insert the read more tag into the post where i wanted the excerpt to show in the blog page.

I have installed a few more plugins to really get the some extra enhancements in the blog that i needed, such as next and previous posts, a better plugin to display the recent posts on a widget.

I also added a privacy policy for the cookie settings to compensate for the stupid EU law that apparently we have to have, so i researched i few large websites including Facebook to see where they were with this, i think i have mirrored what they are doing, so hopefully i wont end up in a court facing fines of millions of pounds!!!

In general its not a bad idea to sit back and have a look at your now growing WordPress blog. Does it look and behave correctly for you.

Sit back and review your site as a visitor would or even better go and get a friend to mull over it and maybe point out an obvious problem that you may have missed.

Soon we will touch on backing up your site its getting rather large now and you wouldn’t want to lose it and start again!!!!


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