Marketing your website, Ads and Social Networking
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Marketing your website with Ads and Social Networking

Marketing your website with Ads and Social Networking

So hopefully by now your journey is beginning to take shape, your blog has populated with lots of interesting content, your seeing vistors come to your website.

How do you take it to the next level?

One way is the traditional Google Ads network, again sign in to your new Google Account and you can setup adword campaigns for keywords that get searched on Google to land on your choosing landing page (a page that is specifically designed to receive hits from the chosen keywords) Yes dont just send everyone to your homepage. For example the rabbit toy product demo i setup earlier i may choose to setup a campaign for that toy and send visitors directly to that page for searched keywords such as cashmere rabbit toy.

You can use Google adwords campaigns in two ways.

  1. To find out how much search traffic there is around certain keywords and how popular your landing page is, then you can concentrate on your organic positioning on search engines.
  2. Or you can use it as a main push to your website if funding your project is no object.

You should remember this, that Google Adwords is not just about bidding the most for a keyword, Google rewards you if you have a better advert than others.

So if i offer £1.00 per click against other advertisers who offer £1.50 per click but my advert is being click upon more therefore a higher click through rate i will rise higher up than the other adverts with my lesser bid.

Social Networking

I personally as i say in the video dont use Facebook or Twitter, i used to but not now, thats not to say you should not.

Lets say that you have a 1000 friends on Facebook, then go ahead and tell them all about your new website, the same with Twitter to. You could get in touch with popular Twitter Account holder in your niche and ask them to tweet your website, if they like your website they probably will, it does not hurt to ask.

For me personally i love Pinterest and i show you in the video a couple of handy tips when creating boards. Pins and Boards do you in Google search results so no harm in creating an account.

Also take a look at Viralwoot a way to promote yourself on Pinterest.

Last but not least YouTube, which appears to be like a happy husband and wife relationship when it comes to the appearance of YouTube in Google’s search results. In reality Google own YouTube so i do not think the two will be get divorced any time soon.

Please remember this, i believe strongly that no social network site possibly bar YouTube have actually found a way to make their business profitable yet, although they all offer the ability to place ads on their network, you really need to think why users on using that network, are they there to buy things?

I believe they are there to be social and not for any other reason against a search engine where the user may actually be ready to purchase what they are looking, with their credit ready in their hand.

Marketing your website is where you will spend an awful lot of your time but if your successful you will reap the rewards.

Oh and just a little tip for WordPress users, when you install social network plugins on your site, please check that they dont cause your site to hang, as some do.

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