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Installing and configuring your purchased wordpress theme

Installing and configuring your purchased wordpress theme

This tutorial show how to install your WordPress theme from the the appearance menu.

Every wordpress theme will be different and should come with instructions of how to install and configure.

If you plan to install a shop using woocommerce the check for themes that support woocommerce before you buy.

Look at reviews of themes and support of the theme many have forums, questions and answers supplied on a forum page.

Theme options should allow you to override css and using google chrome inspect tool you can change much of the built in css.

Basic options and things to look for should include

  • Basic design and layout
  • Basic options for tools such as breadcrumbs,widgets
  • Font sizes for headings and paragraphs
  • Mobile friendly for iphones androids etc (this just changes the site to fit inside a smaller viewing device)
  • Shop options for woocommerce (if you need a shop!)

I am no website designer and designing your website can be a hard task a good theme may get you half way there to begin your blog.

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