How to setup Woocommerce shipping tables and classes
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How to setup Woocommerce shipping tables and classes

Recently i was asked to setup Woocommerce and more importantly shipping tables and classes for Royal Mail.

The challenge was that i felt that the Royal Mail plugins were not offering correct prices or offering flexibility where i needed it. I needed a failry cheap plugin to build tables and utilise shipping classes built in to woocommerce.

Lets start with the plugin

I purchased table rate shipping plus a woocommerce shipping table plugin at a resonable price of just over £20.

How did i setup table rate shipping plus for Royal Mail?

The first thing i look for was uk standard shipping rates for 2015 below is that table rate from Royal Mail

Royal mail 2015 uk standard prices

Now from this i needed to create 4 shipping classes

  • Letter
  • Large Letter
  • Small Parcel
  • Medium Parcel

I add these in products > shipping classes

I then goto woocommerce > settings > shipping> table rate plus

I will make all prices taxable as the prices in the Royal Mail tables are excluding VAT and also select tax mode > prices exclude VAT so that woocommerce can workout from tax calculations.

My calculation type is > per shipping class

Most of the e-commerce on the site is UK based so i paid special attention to UK price list.

I then needed to create the shipping zones, going by the Royal Mail UK standard pricing i setup as follows just for UK

  • Letter
  • Large Letter
  • Small Parcel
  • Medium Parcel

Then Shipping Services i setup these two to begin with

  • Royal Mail 1st Class
  • Royal Mail 2nd Class

Then add Shipping Rates, this is where the fun begins

In here you can select each Shipping Zone, assign a class (Royal Mail 1st or 2nd class for eg)  assign your shipping class, then weight with cost, also you can assign an additional cost per item and Cost Per kg.

Below is a snapshot of my tables that i create ***note*** just some of the tables not all


Once i completed all the Royal mail pricing i them realised that i could included pricing from Hermes or Interlink if i wished, this could come in very handy if you had a particular item or items at a certain weight that you wished to offer with another delivery company because they are cheaper.

As of writing i haven’t programmed any Parcel Force  into the tables as i awaiting instruction from the client, what i can do using this plugin is offer my current tables as a restore so you can have a look if you have bought the plugin yourself. You can edit what i have done as my EU and Worldwide pricing are accurate to my customers needs and you will have to add countries or remove to what you need.



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