Free restaurant menu maker simple to setup
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Free restaurant menu maker simple to setup

You have restaurant  and you want your customers to see your daily menu on your website.

If you are still asking the question how can i do this, well here is the free, simple and easy way to do it.

What you need

A free gmail account
Microsoft Word
A free Google drive account that is supplied with your free gmail account.
Free microsoft word publish to pdf program

Thats it folks those are the tools you need.

I presume here that you already create your restaurant menu in Microsoft word, lets pretend that you have it open already and you saved it to your computer as normal

Install the Google drive to computer this creates a folder for you to save files in.

Make sure now that Microsoft Word is open and with the newly installed program to publish to pdf (free) and publish the file to google drive as a PDF. Call it and publish it as say yourrestaurantname-menu.pdf

You only have to do this once but login to your gmail account and access your google drive account from there you will see the file named yourrestaurantname-menu.pdf

Right click on this file and click share, then click on advanced, change the who as access so that it reads “Public on the web – Anyone on the Internet can find and view”

Whilst you are on this page copy the url this is under the heading Link to share, then click done.

Thats it, every time you edit word with you latest menu save it, then publish as pdf to Google drive now select yourrestaurantname-menu.pdf and publish, it will ask would you like to overwrite this file click yes.

All you need to do now is place the url as a link on your website. This never changes its always the same url.

Once you are in the swing of things its a very easy operation

Just watch this video on how to do it.

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