Learning how to blog using Wordpress
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Using WP Clone to move WordPress to a new host can be made very easy, you may either be just wanting to move your existing WordPress site from an older server hosted by a provider to anew hosting provider, maybe moving a development WordPress domain to a live domain or simply updating an old WordPress domain to a new domain.

Creating a secure login for Wordpress can be a bit of a hassle, you will find most articles telling you that you will need a purchased ssl certificate for it to work. Maybe like me you only want it to be a secure login for yourself and maybe a couple of other authors for your blog.


Speeding up page load Time with wordpress cache plugins

A very important factor of your wordpress website will be how quickly the pages or post open to the website visitor. Slow website speed will often deter a visitor from staying on your website for very long.


Restoring Wordpress Manually using Filezilla (FTP) and PhpMyadmin

What I am showing in this video is how to restore Wordpress manually, we began the backup of Wordpress using the Wordpress to dropbox backup plugin, this has created a folder in dropbox called wpb2d, inside here should be your blog folder with all files and folders plus the mysql database


A recap of what we have done so far

I spent an hour or two just setting up the design and the layout of the blog in general, a couple of things were just annoying me in particular i did not have a section for showing excerpt in the blog page in my Wordpress theme.

Wordpress Seo by Yoast a beginners tutorial guide

This tutorial is for the starters guide to Wordpress Seo by Yoast. Remember that using on page Seo is just a guide to the search engines, more importantly patience is the key, maybe use long titles that no one else uses. Also make it accurate to the actual page or post content.


Understanding Wordpress categories and menus

This video explains setting up Wordpress categories and Navigation Menus. Categories can help the navigation of your blog especially if you have a large website with a variety of posts about many subjects.