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Backing up wordpress to dropbox a simple backup method

How to Backup WordPress

You are now at a stage where it really is a good idea to know how to backup your WordPress website.

Do not depend on your host, what happens if they go bankrupt? you lose everything!!!!.

I use in this video a easy backup plugin called backup to dropbox.

Simply install from the plugins menu, signup for your free dropbox account if you haven’t already got one and fllow the video for installation and configuration.

Now you are safe to run updates try new plugins etc you now have a backup of your WordPress install.

If you want to keep multiple backups i would suggest purchasing backupbuddy which for me has been very good, except when using the WordPress theme Headway, where it does restore at all well.

I’m off to update my WordPress install to the latest version, safe in the knowledge that i have now got a backup in which i can restore.

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