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Here is my view on some of the most frequently asked questions regarding SEO for your website and business. Do blogs help seo? Simple answer is yes, just imagine you have written the most interesting article that has ever been written about your favourite topic, you may...

In this post i am going to attempt to answer some of the main questions that are being asked for woocommerce, the well known e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Do i need ssl for woocommerce? Not strictly no, it depends on your payment gateway setup, for beginners most...

I am going to demo Content Samurai using this post for the video creation. I have signed up on a 50% offer with Content Samurai so it is costing me $47 a month. Also they have given me a free vidsy.com account, so i decided that the rest of this article will be displaying what vidsy helped me create which was a very sales oriented script creation, then i will insert into Content Samurai and see how it turns out.

Recently i was asked to setup Woocommerce and more importantly shipping tables and classes for Royal Mail. The challenge was that i felt that the Royal Mail plugins were not offering correct prices or offering flexibility where i needed it. I needed a failry cheap plugin to build tables and utilise shipping classes built in to woocommerce.

Lets start with the plugin

Using WP Clone to move WordPress to a new host can be made very easy, you may either be just wanting to move your existing WordPress site from an older server hosted by a provider to anew hosting provider, maybe moving a development WordPress domain to a live domain or simply updating an old WordPress domain to a new domain.