About Me - How to Blog
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I started a computer business in the Cotswolds,operating for over ten years, repairing computers, installing WiFi. I then started hosting websites for small business owners.


Moving on with the times i now specialise in the upkeep of WordPress websites, setup installations and developing WordPress websites, using my php programmers that help me achieve what the customer needs.


Woocommerce is now one of the largest e-commerce platforms for websites, i maintain and help customers in running woocommerce helping them move forward with ideas and maintenance.


I have been blogging now for many years, i think wordpress was on version 2 when i started or may have been even older, it has now grown into a reliable platform that just has to be used.


I hope that anyone coming to this site can learn a little, a bit faster than i had to, contact me if you get stuck and i maybe able to help.


I am no designer or content writer, i love analytics and searching for new ways to promote a business.


I love trying to change the minds of clients that think just having a website will get them business, a website is just a vehicle and a shop front for you and your business. It is the effort that goes into it that will decide the success of it.